A Celebration of the Life of
Adam David Robertson (Robbo)
2nd July 1984 - 22nd April 2001

Adam's Story

This site is a celebration of the life and memory of my much loved son Adam (Robbo) David Robertson,
who was born on the 2nd July 1984 and at the age of 16, tragically died
in a car accident on the 22nd April 2001. Adam was on his way home
from a family dinner with his younger brother Nick and their dad David when the accident occurred.
I thank God every day for the 16 years I shared with Adam
and for sparing the lives of my younger son Nick and their dad David.
I have never been more proud of anything than to call Adam my son,
and he will always live in my heart and be with me every day for the rest of my life.

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Adam was always a very happy child with a very cheeky grin, and he always
went out of his way to say hello to people he knew. If he saw someone on the other side of the street that he knew,
he would call out to them until they saw him and returned his wave.
Quite often I would have to ask Adam to explain who the person was because
I had no idea who they were and I didn't want him waving to strangers,
but he could always tell me who they were and where he knew them from.
That was Adam... he never let an opportunity go by to say hello to someone he knew.

Adam was like that for the most part of his life... a very confident child
with a very happy disposition. However, he went through a very difficult stage of his life
emotionally during the later part of Primary School and suffered severely
from a lack of confidence, but once he moved on to high school,
he matured very quickly and developed into a very well respected young man with many friends.

Sport played a huge part in Adam's life from a very early age.
When he started school, he played soccer, but when he turned nine he decided to change sports
and played Rugby League during the winter months and cricket during the summer months.
He had one season of competing in Little Athletics and one season of
competing in Swimming Club. Adam was also very passionate
about playing golf. When Adam found the sport of rodeo, he gave all his sports away
except for his golf. Rodeo became his way of life, and he lived and breathed the sport.
Adam, Nick and their dad followed the local rodeo circuit, and Adam made many good friends
among the cowboys he competed against. Two of his closest cowboy friends
helped carry him from the church on the day of his funeral. The local Reg Lindsay Annual Rodeo
holds an 'Adam Robertson Memorial Junior Steer Ride' in Adam's memory every year,
and I know that Adam looks down on this with that cheeky grin of his
and a whole lot of pride.

Adam did not want to return to school after he finished his year 10 certificate,
so he applied for a position at an Agricultural College not too far from home
where he wanted to study Horsemanship. He was accepted, but at the same time,
he received word of his acceptance, he also received word that he had
successfully gained an apprenticeship as a Fitter and Machinist
and his place of work would only be 5 minutes from home. After discussing his options
with his dad and I, he decided to take the apprenticeship and save as much as he could,
and then attend the Agricultural College when his apprenticeship was finished.
He figured that he would have a much better future if he had a trade behind him
before he ventured into studying at the Agricultural College. His dream was
to work on a horse stud or cattle station and travel the outback Australia
and travel overseas as well.

Adam started work as an apprentice Fitter and Machinist in January 2001,
and one week before he was to sign his indenture papers he lost his life.
He knew what he wanted to do with his life, and he was working hard to achieve his goals.
Adam was no angel here on earth... he had his moments
just like all of us, but above all else, he loved his family and he loved his friends,
and he would do anything for any one of us.

He lives on in all of us who love and remember him,
and I can hear him telling all of us 'Cowboy Up!'

Until we meet again, my darling son, forever in my heart you will always stay.
All my love
Mum xoxoxo

These three special gifts for Angel Adam (Robbo) are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

These are two beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Adam from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

This wonderful gift for Angel Adam's birthday is from my friend Janet.

Always There

Although I am in Heaven...
Remember that for every smile that you make,
I will be smiling with you.
For every tear that you cry,
I will be crying with you.
For every dream you have to reach,
I will be there...to reach it with you.
~Unknown Author~

This is a small gift for Angel Adam's family. May God always bless you all.

Dearest Adam

Well you really did like your sports didn't you, even up to golf, WOW.
Then gave that all up for the rodeo, good for you, if that is what you wanted.
Not only were you accepted into Agricultural College where you wanted to study Horsemanship,
but at the same time received an apprenticeship as a Fitter Machinist. Talking with your Mom and Dad, I think you all decided on the right thing.


For ANGEL Adam and Family

My ANGEL Adam My Cowboy
You are in my Heart riding with me
In my Thoughts and what I do always
Where else would you be

I have not left any of you
I am riding around for a while
But I do have a new home
Don't be sad, I still see you guys smile

When GOD calls you Home
You will arrive at those Gates
Don't be scared come in
Your ANGEL Cowboy awaits

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom


In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

To Adam and All Our Angels If We Could Only Have Just One More Day...

We never know our fate in life
From the moment of our birth
We know not the roads we'll travel
While walking upon this earth.

The Tears we'll cry the pain we'll bear
is kept unknown to us
we wake each day to face the world
living in faith and trust

Our shattered dreams, our adversities.
things beyond our own control
can wear us down form day to day
The worries can take their toll

If we are given just one chance
to see what our future holds
would it weaken us beyond belief
or make us strong and bold?

But which among us could deny
if we knew what lies in store
that we would be willing to accept
and to ask for one more day.
Written by BTatum263@aol.com

The birthday tag for Adam and the poem above are gifts from my dear friend, Pammi.

In Loving Memory of An Angel
Beloved Son 'Robbo'
Ann, Laurasmom

In Memory of Adam 'Robbo' David
We Celebrate The Life Of Adam 'Robbo' David
He Lived, He Loved and He Laughed
And Still Lives On In His Glorious New Home
He Brings His Sunshine And Happy Heart To Heaven
And Left Precious Memories Here With You
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom


A friend can hear a tear drop.

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